Mobile Home Leveling in Apopka, Florida

Mobile Home Leveling in Apopka, Florida

In addition to single-wide mobile home leveling, we also specialize in double-wide mobile home leveling. We level single wides for about $450 and double wides for about $850, which includes getting everything level, re-adjusting any leaning blocks as necessary and replacing any damaged or cracked blocks as necessary. Metal stands can be adjusted if necessary if you have them. Depending on whether it’s a double wide or single wide, the job takes around 3 to 6 hours to complete. A job like this can usually be scheduled within one to four weeks from the time you give us the nod.

Usually, when the ground settles beneath a mobile home or manufactured home, the ground level becomes out of whack. Settlement of the soil can result in gaps between the foundation supports and the I-beams of a mobile home, causing cracks in the walls, doors not closing properly, jamming, and even malfunctioning windows.

It is common for mobile homes to develop squeaks and creaks due to a variety of factors. If your mobile home isn’t level, serious structural damage may occur, so it’s wise to re-level it right away.

What Is Manufactured & Mobile Home/Trailer Re-Leveling?

Re-leveling a mobile home involves using a water leveler to get all metal frames/I-beams level. As needed, we also replace wooden blocks/piers that are damaged/cracked under mobile or manufactured homes. The process is carefully done to evenly distribute pressure and weight along the spans of the metal frames of the house so that the load is evenly distributed throughout its footprint.

Understanding Mobile Home/Trailer House Leveling Issues

Despite the fact that some people view living in a mobile home or manufactured home as a starter or temporary idea, many of us find it to be the perfect dwelling and stay in our home for many years. There are many reasons to choose a mobile home, and many reasons to stay in one. Mobile homes offer a single-floor layout, which is beneficial as we age since we do not have to climb stairs. As a result, older people are choosing to live in mobile homes during their retirement years. As the home ages and becomes more worn out, it is important to keep up with maintenance, including re-leveling it.

Hiring a Contractor to Re-Level Your Mobile Home/Trailer House

If you do not have the machinery and experience necessary to level the house, try not to attempt this yourself. If you want to make sure that your mobile home is properly leveled so that you can continue living in one, then seek out the services of a professional leveler. Call us today at 407-584-5543, for professional leveling and commercial foundation repair services.